Reasons To Choose A 12-Way Consumer Unit Over A 6 Way Consumer Unit

Are you wondering why you should choose a 12-way consumer unit over a 6-way consumer unit? Several reasons make the choice clear, like cost savings and energy efficiency, but there are also some features you might not have considered before. Here are 5 of the most important benefits of choosing a 12-way consumer unit over a 6-way consumer unit.

1) Space Saving

A 12-way consumer unit will give you more outlets and be more space-saving than a six-way because it is taller. If you’re looking for convenience and efficiency, the extra outlets will make plugging in appliances much easier. And if you’re trying to conserve space, a six-way will take up about the same amount of space as the height of two average people.

The placement on a wall or in a kitchen cabinet should also be considered before choosing your set-up. You may find that an additional outlet can save you from having to drill into your wall for an outlet.

2) Looks Great in Any Room

If you’re looking for ways to make your kitchen look even better, then you should think about getting a 12-way refrigerator.

These are perfect for any kitchen because they not only look great but have more space than 6-way fridges. Plus, these come in different styles so you can find one that suits the rest of your kitchen perfectly.

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3) Versatile Layout

A 12-way consumer unit offers more versatility in the layout of your home. With a 12-way, you can have circuits on opposite sides of the room and/or ceiling lights on opposite walls.

This is not possible with a 6-way because they are limited by the feeder cable.

4) Safety

A 12-way consumer unit is safer because it can accommodate more appliances and thereby reduce the risk of overload.

A six-way consumer unit does not provide as much protection as a twelve-way, which means that the risk of overload is higher. If an appliance should trip a breaker, then all the other appliances on that circuit will be shut down by the breaker.

5) Lower Maintenance

A 12-way unit is going to have less wear and tear on the motor and the compressor. The motor will not be as stressed because it will not need to run as often, and the compressor will not cycle on and off as much.

This is important because the more you use your air conditioning system, the faster it’s going to wear out.


At first glance, you might think that choosing between a 12-way consumer unit and a 6-way consumer unit would be an easy choice. After all, a 12-way consumer unit has six more sockets than the 6-way consumer unit, and you’d think this alone would make it the obvious winner. But if you dig deeper into the reasons to choose each, you’ll see that there are five reasons to choose a 12-way consumer unit over a 6-way consumer unit, which we’ve listed below

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