Getting a flat tyre is extremely common and can happen with anybody. With the advancement of technology came the puncture repair kit to fix the Tyres Lincoln. Though it’s easier than the conventional method of using a spare wheel, using the sealant and compressor is not straightforward. It makes the job of fixing a flat tyre a hassle. However, run-flat tyres seem to be the solution. Let’s see what they are and the difference between run-flat and standard tyres.


These are designed specifically to keep your vehicle running even after one of the tyres gets punctured. They are made in a way that the air release after a puncture is slow, which enables the driver enough time to find a place to fix the tyre. This prevents the vehicle from going out of control due to sudden tyre blowouts. With the help of run-flat tyres, you will no longer need to do those late-night roadside tyre changes.


We all know about the standard tyres. If they get punctured, we need to change them straight away. The air gets released within seconds, and they become flat. Driving on a flat tyre is not recommended as it damages the wheel. Instead of waiting for a car service, many people try to drive to the nearest garage with a flat tyre. This will not only cause vehicle imbalance but will also damage the internal structure of the tyre.


The major difference is in the technology and construction of the tyres. As discussed above, the run-flat tyres keep the vehicle on the road even after the tyre sustains a puncture. They have special features like reinforced sidewalls and additional rubber which helps in holding the weight of the vehicle after a puncture. On the other hand, standard tyres are normal tyres with no additional reinforcement.

The run flats have cooling fins and are also stiffer than standard tyres. These fins reduce the temperature of the sidewall and prevent it from wearing out due to heat. There is a complex compound added to the sidewall to decrease the friction between the rubber and tyre, thereby reducing the temperature of the tyre even more. In case of a puncture, these features allow the tyres to function for another 50 to 100 miles depending on the speed of the vehicle.


After reading about run-flats, you might be wondering if you can equip them in your car. There are varied views regarding the same. Some people are of the view that run-flats should be fit in vehicles only if the original equipment was run flat, as the wheel, suspension, and chassis are different.

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On the other hand, some experts believe that any vehicle can use run-flat tyres. However, there should be a system for monitoring tyre pressure lest the drivers won’t know that the tyres have gone flat.


A lot of cars nowadays come with pre-installed run-flat tyres. However, many owners decide to substitute them with standard tyres. This is because standard tyres are cheaper and give much smoother rides than run-flats.

Moreover, standard tyres are readily available. You can find them at any automobile or repair centre. 

There is also the option of All Season Tyres Lincoln that can work throughout the year, during different seasons. Although you might have to consider your needs before investing in any tyres. However, in the end, it is entirely your decision. We know that choosing the right tyres could be a daunting task. So, consult an expert. The run-flats and standard tyres have their advantages and disadvantages. Analyse your needs and buy the tyres accordingly.

RUN FLAT TYRES have special strengthening layers in the sidewall. They are able to run safely after being punctured. They are either filled with foam or solid rubber, and are used on BMW and Audi cars.

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