Instagram is one of the greatest platforms in today’s generation. It provides you with an opportunity to be famous and you can be as creative as possible. Instagram is a new world of fashion, food, celebrities and lifestyle. But sometimes we don’t like the world of glamour. Or maybe Instagram’s fast world does not suit our mental health and we often opt for disabling our account. Or even in some cases, users like to delete their accounts temporarily. 

Well, it is quite possible to delete your account, but keep in mind that you can recover the account that you have deleted. You can recover them at any point in life.

But in case if you have deleted your account you will lose all of your followers, whatever you have got likes, comments, views on your posts and stories.

So, if you think you can ever return to Instagram you should disable it temporarily instead of deleting it. 

Yes, Instagram is one successful app we have ever got under our skin. Being so popular you can never get tired of all the meaningless scrolling and whatever you can say. All of such stuff can be a distraction or even you can call it undesirable if you want. However, if you encounter any such situation you can delete it anytime you want.

Well, you must know there are two options whenever you want to take this hiatus called Instagram. But, if you think you can return to Instagram in some time. You should deactivate it instead of deleting it. But if you are done and don’t want to come back you may delete it permanently



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The following guide is how you may delete your account

First, go to the web browser and then to the official site of Instagram where you log in to the account you want to delete. Put in your username and password. You can also delete or deactivate using your app.

So, once logged in you can proceed with the deletion process and for that, you have to go to the deletion page.

Moreover, when you click on the drop-down menu that you may find on the screen. Here you would be given so many reasons and then you will click on the reason especially for deleting your account. There are choices like too busy or too distracting. Or maybe if you are concerned with the data you may also select that. Now if you don’t want to give the reason you can always select something else.

When you select the right reason for deleting your account you may click on the permanently delete my account anytime you want.

But in case you want to disable the account, you just have to select the disable option for that. Or maybe you can log into the website of Instagram account, now click on the edit profile option that you may find on the page and then click on the temporarily disable my account

When you choose to disable the account temporarily, your account will be erased from all the social networks for the kind of time you might need after the site. This way your Instagram URL might be invalid, and you may not be able to search it in the field. No one would be able to contact you this way until you gain access. 

You can easily deactivate your Instagram even if it is a personal account or maybe a creator or even a business account.

You can’t do this procedure of disabling an account on Instagram for that you have to go to the Instagram official website.

Go to the Instagram’s website on your laptop or computer and then log in to the account you want to disable.

Temporarily deactivating your account will hide likes, comments and so much stuff but you can get everything after reactivating it back.

Step by step guide for deactivating your account 

  • Log in to the Instagram account from mobile or any other app. You can disable your account from any kind of app called Instagram.
  • Now click on the profile photo that you might get on the top right called profile and then click on the edit profile option.
  • When you scroll down here you would find a temporarily disabling account option that you may find on the very bottom.
  • now click on the last menu where you would give a reason about why you want to disable your account and then enter the required credentials like passwords and any other option that you want. 
  • Now click on the temporarily your disable account.


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