Testing is an important tool for the development of the quality product in every organization. The procedure may differ from each other according to the needs. Test criteria in software development is very common technique to check the feasibility of the software. It is better that testing is carried out from the initial stages. In software development, it is very important to fix the bugs as the development progress. Software requirement specification are dependent on the test criteria in software. Users can compromise on quantity but no one can compromise on the quality of the software. It is acceptable that you produce less software in a year, but you cannot produce a defective one. In this article, you will learn about the test criteria in software development, its importance and procedure.

Software Development Life Cycle:

Before we jump into the test criteria in software, it is necessary to understand the whole development cycle to beat the competition in development. Testing is subset of the whole cycle, but it is very important. All the validations and working depend on the test criteria in software. There are basically 5 steps involve in the development of software development.

  • Requirement analysis
  • Designing
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

We will not go in details of whole cycle but it is necessary to have a brief introduction on each step.

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Requirement Analysis:

The first step of the criteria in software development is requirement analysis. This step highlights all the needs and tools of development system. It is also known as documentation. You need to sum up all the related data. All the analysis regarding the man power, time allocation, tools requirement, purpose of the development and cost effectiveness are included. Expenditures and income are also defined in this step. Moreover, it is a cycle, and it’s mandatory to have RA before the development. But you will need it even during the process as well. For example, mistakes highlighted by test criteria in software, will be counted in RA.


Designing is the next step in the development process. On the basis of vision provided by RA, developers design the task and plan the layout. It is the first stage of the brain storming prior to the programming. It is also known as preprogramming stage. In this step, developers have to focus about what the they want to develop? And how they can achieve it? It is just like the architect of some conduction.


The next step is implementation. It is the most complex step of the whole cycle. You can call it the brain development of the software. Developers starts implementation of the design to make the software. It is also known as programming. There is huge coding involved in this step. The primary function of test criteria in software is to examine this coding. It is the main processing unit of the software. Programming takes a lot of time. Time management is a big problem for the developers. Therefore, it requires a precise analysis to estimate the costs of working and other procedures with the income of the software. Along with the time, proper working of the software is necessary also.

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According to an online dissertation firm, testing is the important but easy task as compared to programming. In fact, it’s recommended that testing is carried out from initial stage to avoid the complex bug fixing later on. We will explain the test criteria in software in detail later on. Testing is the basic technique to complete any development. No matter how much effort you put in the first development, there is always a room for improvement. Testing will allow you locate the problems and fix them.


In this step, we try to fix the problems identified by testing. In modern practices, this whole cycle is intermingled. Maintenance is not carried out at the end of the procedure. Rather whole development is divided into parts and considered as a mini project. Whole cycle is used to run on those mini projects. Testing keeps on identifying the problems and maintenance team keeps on solving them. It is also known as monitoring and evaluation. Now let us discuss the test criteria in detail, these steps are basic. There can be many different ways of testing but following steps would remain same in all.

Test Criteria in Software Development:

As mentioned above testing is done after the completion programming. Here are the criteria for a comprehensive testing in software.

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The test should be covering all the requirements and all the constituent parts of the software. There should not be any corner of the whole software that has not gone through testing. A precise report should be available for checked components.


Testing criteria in software should be accurate and up to the mark. Because any false checking can disturb the whole programming of the software. It takes tons of energy to locate and justify the programming mistakes. So, testing criteria has no flexibility to suggest the wrong solution.


The testing recommendations should be according to the standards of the software. Standards of the software should be explained through remote meeting before the programming. The test should cover all the specifications of the software and must provide a valid and repeatable solution for problems.


It is always better to have records for the processing and dealings. Records help you understand the progress and behavior of the team towards assigned task. Testing method should provide all records and details of each and every step. A trackable testing is always helpful to avoid the same mistake again. You can spot out the critical problems with tracking facility.


Just pointing out the problems and requirements are never appreciable. The test criteria in software development must suggest the best possible alternatives of the problems. The solutions must be practicable and economic. The maintenance system should be well enough to provide all the requirement details.

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Without good test criteria in software development, you cannot develop an effective software. We have mentioned the details regarding development and explained the best general criteria for the development.


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