Introduction- Newspaper is a routine of modern times, from newspaper we get information about the country and abroad and around us.

We get information about the activities of different places through newspapers. must read day

Reading the newspaper every day gives us many benefits, such as what is happening around us, information about good and bad, and many other benefits, our knowledge increases.

Newspapers in ancient times – Although there has been no such change in newspapers, just as newspapers have had only one purpose since ancient times, that is to publish news and make people aware of the happenings.

Essay on Newspaper | Newspaper Essay in English

Newspapers in modern times have only changed so much that they can publish more news than before, they can publish news with graphics, today’s newspapers are available online apart from newspapers.

Earlier the carrier of newspapers was a message carrier human or animal bird, but today’s era is the Internet, through the Internet we can reach any news anywhere in a few seconds, thus this process is increasing every day.

Newspapers have been published in our country since the Mughal period, we find the mention of the newspaper published in the Mughal period in the texts.

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The newspaper to be published in Hindi was first published in Kolkata and its name was Utand Martand.

Newspapers have played an important role in improving Indian society. Publication of newspapers is considered an essential part of society. Many scholars like Raja Ram Manohar Rai and others have done commendable work for newspapers.

Samachar patra are published separately for different forms like for example international newspaper national newspaper local newspaper social newspaper economic newspaper political
newspaper sports entertainment newspaper etc.

Utility of Newspapers- Various types of newspapers are published in our country, whose subject is different, the type of newspaper which is needed, reads that type of newspaper, all these newspapers published according to the need of the society.

Importance of newspaper 10 points in Englis

Every person gets news from the newspaper according to his interest, we get any kind of complete information through newspapers.

In today’s modern times, the usefulness of newspapers has increased a lot, from newspapers we get information about the general knowledge of the world.

Human’s curiosity is to know about anything in detail and his curiosity is satisfied only when he knows about the circumstances.

We get employment related information from Newspaper, we get information related to entertainment, we get to know about the events happening around, along with entertainment, we get information about the types of sports happening in the world, so we can here Newspapers are a great source of entertainment

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Newspaper is a means by which we get consciousness through which we build a new society.

Our country is a democratic country, in which the usefulness of newspapers is very high.

Disadvantages of Newspaper

We get information about the evils of the society and about the injustice about corruption, from newspapers we can also inform the government about all these things and expose them.

Disadvantages from newspapers- We get many benefits from newspapers, but in addition to this, there are some disadvantages as well. Huh

Political parties create sensation from newspaper and in some small newspapers give more importance to newspapers, which has a wrong effect on our society. gets contaminated

Newspapers sometimes confuse us and spread confusion, which adversely affects our society, state and nation, which is a hindrance in the progress of the nation.

Benefits of Newspapers- The benefits of newspapers are many. From newspapers, we get to know about the happenings around us, apart from this, we get to know about the country and abroad.

Every day if we read the newspaper, then our knowledge increases, we get to know what is going on around us, what kind of incident has happened, in this way we can keep the information of the whole world.


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Advantages of Newspaper

Distinctions of Newspapers – According to the need of man, there are many types of newspapers, according to the need, different newspapers are published according to the need, which is the type of newspaper that is needed.

Important Notes for Journalism Students

1. Basic or basic information

It is necessary for the correspondent to have basic or basic knowledge of all the disciplines like history, geography, economics, commerce, science, satellite, electronics etc.

2. Linguist

It is necessary for the correspondent to have knowledge of not only his mother tongue, but also the official language, national language, local language and at least one or two languages ​​of the country and abroad, because the correspondent has to coordinate many languages ​​and give it the form of news. And removes the obstruction caused by ignorance of the language.

If the correspondent has knowledge of different and different languages, he can exchange his views and interview with any person at any place, at any time and can go to the depth of the incident, problem, news.

3. Good Interviewer

Proficiency in interviewing is an important quality of a reporter. Due to this quality, it helps the reporter to get necessary, complete, concrete and concrete information about an event and subject through personal interview, group interview, special interview.

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4. Knowledge of Typewriting, Shorthand, Print writing, Computer

The necessary technical knowledge of typewriting, shorthand, print writing, computer helps the correspondent to prepare the news in the shortest possible time and present the news based on the style of printing of the newspaper and the mode of presentation.

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5. Knowledge of Culture

Culture determines Indian ideals and values ​​of life, due to which every Indian related to each other in some way or the other. It considered an essential quality for the reporter to have a
good knowledge of the culture of his country, because due to this it is possible to understand the feelings, thoughts and needs of the readers and present the news accordingly, thereby emerging the credibility and justice of the newspaper. It helps to come to the fore and
the newspaper connects with the general public on a mental and emotional level and collective welfare becomes possible.

6. Reader’s Interest

Along with the contemporary news of the reporter, it considered his special ability to take care of the interest of the reader,

because the news compiled on the basis of the interest of the readers is helpful in increasing the popularity of the newspaper.

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Skilled correspondents present their dialogues in such a simple and beautiful manner that the readers do not find it difficult to understand and take maximum interest in it.

7. Curious Instinct

Many questions are born in the mind of every person moment by moment, some of which he gets answers from here and there, from his neighborhood, through his efforts and from personal sources, but some important and concrete questions He has to depend on other means of mass communication for the answer.

In order to satisfy the curiosity of the readers, it is necessary for the reporter to have the quality of eagerness to know about any event, problem or news, because his own inquisitive instinct is to r
each the depth of any event or news and convey the real facts, figures and information to the readers.

8. Courage and Endurance

Moreover, Being courageous is one of the main qualities of a reporter. Sometimes the correspondent has to go to war, disturbance, natural disasters, risky and exploratory places to gather news. Only a courageous reporter can work in such places.

Similarly, Tolerance is also an essential quality of a reporter. Many times he has to face a lot of troubles for the compilation of news. He has to work for many days without eating or drinking, without sleeping. Also, sometimes he has to face the abuses and tortures of the local people. In such a situation, tolerance is necessary, so that he can remain firm even in such a situation.

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9. Integrity

However, Integrity is a basic requirement of the correspondent. If he is honest, he will be able to present the truth objectively. Bringing the truth of any incident to the readers is of great importance, because on the basis of that the general opinion of the general public formed. Giving false news can lead to social and political upheaval or sabotage.

10. Concentration

In conclusion, Concentration makes thought powerful and imagination clear. By reading the news compiled and presented with concentration, all the three powers of the reader become active,

therefore it is the responsibility of the reporter to represent

what is not at the scene of the incident, give justice to complex incidents and various problems. Try to give focused attention and try to educate, train and guide the readers properly.


11. Skeptical, Aware, Alert

Skeptical tendencies, alertness and alertness are important and essential qualities of the reporter,

because it is only on being alert that doubtful questions such as what, why, who, when, how and where arise in the mind of the reporter about a particular event, which seek their answers. Motivate the reporter for the purpose and make the reporter more alert to know the depth and truth of the incident.

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