Customer dissatisfaction can lead to a toxic relationship between the brand and customers, that’s a fact. It can have an impact on their reputation, as well as their business. This article will discuss in detail how bad customer service can have a negative impact on the business.

Customer Service and its Benefits

Let’s delve firstly into why customer service is essential and how it will benefit the brand. As the name suggests, customer service refers to helping out the customers with their use, optimization, and troubleshooting of the brands’ products. If you have a successful customer service team, your brand will be able to attract new businesses, boost retention, and bring about an increase in sales among your customers. This is why top brands always invest in customer service teams. The customer care department of Comcast Xfinity promptly deals with any troubleshooting issues that customers experience while using their internet, TV, and phone services. Xfinity subscribers can reach the team by accessing This web page actually represents a great initiative of making a customer-centric webpage, designed to make sure the issues of customers are being heard.

Following are the potential benefits that your business will experience with good customer service.

  • Increase in sales
  • Gaining customer loyalty
  • Excellent brand image
  • Effective workforce
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If it isn’t evident from the above, all these benefits of good customer service are interrelated. For instance, satisfied customers will lead to more sales and new customers that are generated through their recommendations. Having a positive public image will also provide more sales, though by attracting new customers. Employees who provide good customer service gain customers’ appreciation, and in turn, are motivated towards providing a good customer service experience.

Side-Effects of Bad Customer Service

If you consider the side-effect of bad customer service; long story short, it can affect the sales of your business in a myriad of ways.

Damaged Reputation. If you have a retail business, the rant of one angry customer will be heard by three or four other customers in the store. But if your business is online, a furious customer will post reviews about your brand which will be read by millions of internet users around the world. Both the scenarios are bad; they can negatively impact a brand’s reputation.

Losing Customers. Whether they read a bad review online and decided to change their minds about it, or they heard it through word of mouth, information about brands travels fast in this day and age. This can cost your brand so many customers. Losing even a single customer is bad for business.

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One solution to this is investing in call analytics. This will allow you to monitor your calls so that you are aware of how your employees are dealing with dissatisfied customers and resolving their issues.

Leads Not Converting. If you put yourself in the customers’ shoes and send a message to the brand about any issue you are experiencing with their products, you never receive a response. That would make you pretty annoyed and determined to never return to the same brand again. Hence, there are a number of ways businesses are losing customers on a daily basis, and this leaves them at risk.

Losing Best Employees. If your employees aren’t treated well, that is bound to affect their performance. This can lead to loss of productivity, resentment, anger, and whatnot, and as a result, they end up leaving the job. Losing employees can affect the brand’s budget because hiring new employees doesn’t come cheap.

Losing Profit. Losing customers mean losing sales. And losing sales will lead to losing profit. However, the profit that your brand loses can have a lasting impact on the financial aspect of your business.

Final Thoughts

In summary, bad customer service can lead to having a bad impact on your business. But it doesn’t necessarily have to go that way if you take on measures to make sure that customers are having a good experience while communicating with your customer service team. Brands need to ensure that their employees are motivated towards providing great customer service. They also need to focus on resolving any issues that come up so that they can work on saving and improving their reputation.

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