There’s a lot of debate that goes around today. Many individuals claim that defence lawyers help criminals escape from their punishment. While it is true that a few people get away from their judgment, many lawyers help the innocent get the freedom they deserve. One can observe a plethora of cases where individuals get convicted falsely. Especially in Australia, there’s a Crime Index Rate of 43.03 per cent today. In such instances, there is a vital need for individuals to know criminal defence lawyers in Australia. These lawyers have the skills required to help individuals understand the law. They also know how to acquit people falsely accused. Thus, this article will elucidate on the significance of such lawyers.


Who is a Criminal Defence Lawyer?


A criminal defence lawyer specializes in defending individuals charged with some crime. For instance, one can be falsely accused of murder. They might even be jailed commonly for the same. If they hire a criminal defence lawyer, they can fight their case in court to get a verdict that declares them not guilty. To pursue such endeavours, individuals hire exquisite criminal defence lawyers in Australia.


As stated earlier, many individuals debate saying some lawyers play the devil’s advocate. They argue for whichever party gives them the most money. In some instances, this results in the acquitting of actual criminals. While these facts remain valid today, multiple cases fought in courts today involve innocent individuals either being framed or convicted falsely. To prove the truth to the court and the world, criminal defence lawyers help individuals fight their cases. They know various laws and precedents already established by the apex courts. Using this information, they advocate for their clients and help them get verdicts in their favour.

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Factors to Consider Before Hiring Lawyers


As observed, criminal defence lawyers are a dime a dozen. With such a high crime index rate, individuals need to rely on such professionals. However, one should take into account a few factors before hiring them. Here are some of the things to consider in such cases.


  1. i) Availability – First and foremost, everyone looking to hire a criminal defence lawyer needs to ensure their availability. One of the facts about criminal law is, the governing authorities can raid, arrest, and withhold individuals at any time. They do not see day or night. To ensure the safety of the citizens, they provide complete protection by providing timely services. In such cases, individuals should ensure the 24/7 availability of their lawyers. For instance, if someone gets arrested at 1 AM, they will need their lawyer immediately for redressal. Thus, individuals should ensure that their lawyers are available when demanded. Many professional firms and agencies that provide such criminal defence lawyers in Australia need to ensure that the person they hire is available at their beck and call.


  1. ii) Transparency – Secondly, individuals should also ensure that the lawyer works in transparent environments. They should not be willing to hide anything from their clients. No matter how severe the case is, they should maintain their integrity and reveal the facts of the case. By discussing the merits, individuals can get a general idea of their chances at trial. This activity will allow them to negotiate deals based on the demands of the suing party.
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iii) Witness Provision – Finally, these lawyers should also have the capacity to provide expert witnesses if required. For instance, one can be accused of using chemicals to murder individuals. To prove their innocence, lawyers often bring expert witnesses that claim the use of chemicals cannot result in someone’s death. By providing such expert claims, they help judges realize that the individual was falsely convicted.


In conclusion, many individuals rely on criminal defence lawyers in Australia to prove their innocence today. These lawyers specialize in the industry. They have years of industry experience and knowledge on various topics. Using this, they assist individuals in getting the justice they deserve.

Author Name: Mary Kate


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