This corona pandemic situation was very uncertain, and it had affected everyone worldwide. No one is left untouched in this situation. Apart from the physical harm that is caused due to the pandemic and the virus, everyone went through emotional stress too. Living apart from your loved ones is not easy. This mental turmoil that people have faced and are still facing has caused many mental health issues like depression, loneliness, anxiety, stress etc. 

One of the biggest reasons for degradation in mental health of people is due to the lack of interaction with each other. Mostly everyone is living away from their family and loved ones and is not able to meet them due to the pandemic situation, and that is causing even more anxiety and depressing feeling as there is no one to share emotions and feelings with. 

But this is life, and it has to move on even during the pandemic. We can’t just lay down our arms in front of this situation. We have to live and enjoy our life. For that we need to stay connected with our loved ones. You might not be in the situation of loneliness. Still, if you have your family and friends who you think are in this situation, try connecting with them. You never know who you are helping. 

So here are a few tips and tricks by which you can stay connected to your loved ones even in this pandemic situation. 

Video Calls-

The best way to interact with your loved ones is through video calls. I think video calls are quite underrated. Video calls not only give you the option of interacting with your loved ones face-to-face but also give that feeling of meeting in person. Through video calls you can stay connected to your loved ones throughout the day and even can track their life and get to know what they are doing. You can cook together, have a virtual dinner, play games, and do various other things with your loved ones still being at your home through video calls. 

Sending gifts-

In this pandemic situation, it is not possible to meet with each other and celebrate events and festivals together. But there is still a facility of sending gifts available. You cannot meet your loved ones and be with them on their birthdays, but you can make them feel your presence by sending them gifts. The online market is full of different gift options from birthday gifts to Diwali hampers. You name it, and you have it. So don’t miss this chance of sending adorable gifts to your loved ones on their special day and festivals. Buy gifts online to make them feel special. This way, in spite of being away from each other, you will feel connected. 

Celebrate together-

Festivals will fall as usual like every year even in this pandemic situation, and we have to celebrate them. We can’t ignore the fact that celebrations somehow change the mood. But we cannot celebrate it by meeting with each other. Still, we can celebrate it together by being on a video call and celebrating festivals at our own places. Sisters can send Rakhi online to their brothers, and on the occasion of Rakshabandhan both of you can dress up and connect over video call and celebrate the occasion together. 

Share your problems-

If it is not possible to always connect over video calls, then you can choose to connect over normal phone calls and discuss the problems you are facing. Share your feelings and problems with the people you trust. This pandemic situation has taken lots of jobs and people are suffering financially. So if you are capable, then try to help your near-dear ones. Listen to their problems, share yours and try to support each other because we all are in this together. 

I hope you find whatever you were searching for in this article. We all are in this together. We need to fight back and not let this virus win over humanity. Always wear your mask, maintain social distance and don’t step out of your house unnecessarily. Try availing online services as much as you can because they are safe and will help you stay away from the market crowd. 

And also, don’t miss your vaccination. It is a must and will safeguard you and your family from this deadly virus. 

Stay positive and be happy. 


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