Top 10 Most Expensive Bank Cards: Some privileges cannot be purchased. There are shops and auctions that we don’t even know about, and a level of service that 99% of the world’s population doesn’t even know.

You can’t buy it, but … you can get it as a gift. Let’s dive into the details: why the rich have lined up for big bank cards for years and what they get in return. 

Top 10 Most Expensive Bank Cards in the world – in our review. But first I want to inform you that if you need any details related to any banks then you can get it from the wells Fargo routing number.

The Top 10 Most Expensive Bank Cards Are:

  1. Palladium J.P. card Morgan | 
  2. Silk Card 2 Coutts World
  3. Dubai First Royal MasterCard
  4. American Express Centurion Black Card
  5. Stratus Rewards Visa
  6. Citigroup Black Chairman Card
  7. NatWest Black MasterCard
  8. VISA Infinite Exclusive Sberbank
  9. Black Brazilian MasterCard
  10. Merrill Accolades American Express card.

1. Palladium J.P. card Morgan.

If you have around $ 25 million in your account, you can try getting a Palladium card. And here it is not a fact that they will give it to you. The richest of the richest wait several years to get the coveted piece of plastic.

Still worth it. An extensive bonus system that allows you to receive huge discounts. Access to VIP-VIP-VIP lounges and other delights – all this is at the service of cardholders.

2. Silk Card 2 Coutts World.

The Silk Card pass is only a million. A million American dollars, of course. But even if it is in your account, you will not receive the card, unless your money is in the accounts of Coutts, Elizabeth II’s personal bank. As you might guess, getting into the Queen’s company is not easy. Just in case, if you succeed, we will tell you.

To obtain royal status, the cardholder will be asked to pay 49.1% of the credit balance on the account. As a gift, he will receive access to shops closed to mere mortals, and special conditions of carriers, round-the-clock service and much, much more – something that is known for sure only to 100 holders of the Coutts World Silk Card.

3. Dubai First Royal MasterCard.

This card is truly precious. Along the edge of the gold border, there is such a diamond on the chest and frills. However, in addition to the appearance of the card, we have a lot to tell. It is issued by invitation only and is available to members of Dubai high society.

Making a card takes a lot of time, and even if a wholesale order suddenly comes, the bank will not be able to issue more than 9 cards a day, no matter what it wants. Advantages? They are ubiquitous – high-end luxury service wherever the cardholder goes, one of its 200 cardholders.

4. American Express Centurion Black Card.

Only for the issue of this card, you will be charged $ 7,500, its further maintenance will cost $ 2,500 per year. This is the most expensive card in the family, but it’s not even about annual expenses.

The cardholder must spend at least $ 250,000 a year on its use, so it really suits millionaires. But the reward is also great – this is a kind of society in special Centurion lounges at American airports, as well as reservations at any restaurant or partner hotel, a flight, in general, whatever you want, and at any time of the day. 

5. Stratus Rewards Visa.

If black doesn’t suit you, you can get a Stratus Rewards Visa in bright white for variety. It is received only by very rich people and by invitation. The annual maintenance fee is $ 1,500, and in return, you get a whole package of services.

This is an opportunity to exchange bonuses for trips in private superjets, discounts on booking and hotel accommodation, consultations with the best stylists, personal concierge service, and so on.

6. Citigroup Black Chairman Card.

Not everything can be bought for money, and Citigroup Black Chairman Cardholders are proof of this. This card can only be held by Citi Investment Group members and private banks.

The cost of the service is $ 500 per year, but the credit limit on the card reaches an impressive $ 300,000. It has bonuses, access to VIP rooms, but such a list is no longer surprising.

7. Nat-West Black MasterCard.

Perhaps the most coveted credit card in the world is the black card from Nat-West and MasterCard. Together, they decided to make an unprecedented offer to customers and expanded the credit limit to $ 1,500,000.

Add to that just $ 395 in annual maintenance and we’re impressed. In addition, the wonders do not end there, and cardholders receive bonuses and discounts, access and round-the-clock service around the world.

8. VISA Infinite Exclusive Sberbank.

To receive this luxury card from Sberbank, you need to place at least 4 million rubles in one of the company’s services or be a shareholder with a share in the company equivalent to 200 million rubles.

The cost of the service for the Russian market is quite high – from 25,000 rubles per year. But if you’re willing to purchase the card on these terms, you’ll be rewarded with impressive discounts on VISA hotel reservations, large purchases and other amenities.

9. Black Brazilian MasterCard.

This card is only available to wealthy Brazilians. Personal service and VIP-lounges, participation in the discount system is his advantage. To receive the card.

You must be a client of the Santander Group, which, in addition to the luxury MasterCard, also issues a Black Visa with the same impressive characteristics.

10. Merrill Accolades American Express card.

This credit card is one of those not easy to get hold of. This is not about an annual payment ($ 295), but about the fact that its owner must be a client of Merrill Lynch, and even have an account of at least $ 250,000.

But even after that, they may send him an invitation, or maybe not. But suppose you received the card, what can you count on? For starters, on a $ 500,000 credit line. Plus discounts on private supermarkets, exclusive discounted hotels and 24-hour concierge services. – 

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