90 668x334 1 - Top tips to designing your dream home

If you have always dreamed of creating a space that feels personal and comfortable to you, your safe space, then we bet you have scoured the internet for the best ways for designing your dream home. From choosing different aesthetics and interior design types to deciding a colour scheme- it takes a lot of time and thinking to decide on the design. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of some of the key points you need to consider when making these decisions. 

Your home should complement your lifestyle

This is extremely important. It is very easy to be blinded by the current trends and design a house that looks like it belongs on a magazine cover. However, will that aesthetically pleasing room work for your lifestyle? 

Think about who all will be living in the space- is it just for you or are you going to live with your family too? Consider their lifestyle and things they would need in the house to complement it. When designing your dream home, you need to consider both the aesthetic as well as the functionality. If you work from home or have kids who need a study room, you need to design these spaces in a way that they are away from distraction and have all the elements necessary. 

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You will need to choose what rooms would serve what purpose and figure out the kind of theme or design decisions you want to go with for them. If you are a busy person who has to go to work every day and can not afford to clean your house every day, maximalism is probably not a good choice for you as it requires constant cleaning and reorganizing. On the other hand, if you like being surrounded by your comfort items, minimalism won’t work for you. Your home should be a mix of what pleases you aesthetically and what is functional when it comes to your lifestyle. 

Think of the future

Think about where you might be in a few years and if your home would be able to complement it. Are you planning on starting your own business or do you have ageing parents that you would prefer to live with you in the future? These kinds of questions need to be considered before you start designing your dream home. 

Think about the placement of your technology- wall-mounted televisions save space and allow you to access the extra room for other things. They are also something that is going to stay in décor styles for a long time because of how convenient they are. You can get your television wall mounted by professionals click here for more.

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Including features of yourself that you think will exist in the future is important when coming up with design plans. This will save you the time and effort to rethink and redesign the entire home in a few years. 

Expect Changes

No matter how hard you try, not everything will go according to plan. It is wise to expect there to be changed to your design or last-minute swaps. Leaving room for these changes in your design enables you to have better control over the plan and makes it easier to come up with alternatives in case of emergencies or low budget. 

This also reduces the stress that might come in when everything does not go according to plan. Make room for trade-offs and be flexible in your approach so that your home does not suffer. 

Make room for natural light

Natural daylight is extremely important when it comes to having a happy home. Skylights and floor to ceiling windows can not only make the best use of the daylight, but they will also make your space look fresher and brighter. Apart from that, natural light has been proven to reduce stress, increase serotonin, and raise your mood. It has been found that lack of sunlight can make people develop Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which is also known as seasonal depression. If you live in a cold and wet country like the UK, maximizing natural light becomes especially important, especially in the winter months. 

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The use of sheer curtains or linen fabrics around the place can further help you with making the house feel brighter. South-facing windows are perfect for living rooms and bedrooms as they get the most daylight. 

In any case, its important to ensure that the house stays true to you and has your personality in it. It is your dream home and by the time itis done, you should feel excited and happy to live in it. Don’t place too much emphasis on getting a particular kind of aesthetic if it does not go with your vision. Experiment, mix and match and create the best home for you to live in


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