Running an offline business of any format involves inspections by various controlling agencies and authorities. One of the most important activities is a site security inspection. The scope of such a procedure depends on the facility’s type. Inspections can be carried out to check compliance with the following regulations:


  • fire safety;
  • public health and disease control;
  • occupational health and safety, etc.


When such inspections are carried out, all relevant documentation should be completed and signed by the responsible person of the company that undergoes inspection, as well as by the auditors. The relevant reports are prepared in accordance with special forms, the sample of which can be found on various Internet resources.

Requirements for an inspection report

Based on the result of the inspection, the auditor makes recommendations to rectify errors or faults. There can be also a decision taken to suspend certain processes at the facility or the entire site (depending on how quickly the situation at the site can be rectified).


In addition to verbal recommendations, the auditor prepares a document called a site safety inspection report. This document is necessary for the internal accountability of the department and further analysis of the specific facility.


Here is one of the examples of what a Site Safety Inspection Report Form template should look like:

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  • the header of the document must contain the full name of the organization that conducts the inspection;
  • details of this organization;
  • details of the facility where the inspection was carried out;
  • the date of the event;
  • general information about the subject of the inspection;
  • description of the condition of the object, based on the objectives;
  • the result of the inspection and a list of recommendations with a final date of rectification (re-inspection).


The document is signed by all persons who participated in the inspection on both sides. In addition to the signatures, the data (surname and first name) of the participants, as well as their positions, are written in the report.


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What users like about such an online platform as PandaDoc

PandaDoc is a reliable service provider that aims to speed up a company’s document management and increase the overall efficiency of operations within an enterprise. The platform offers users a number of useful features:


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This service can be used by both public companies and private enterprises of any legal status. And in order to make the final decision, you can use the offer from PandaDoc. There is a free trial period that enables a prospective user to get familiar with all the advantages of the platform and experience the convenience of using the service for their company.


PandaDoc is a service that constantly evolves and offers its users all over the world the latest developments in the field of document management optimization. If you want to keep up with the times and use only effective tools, register on the PandaDoc official website.



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