We have all heard about mindfulness, it as an art of being in the present moment and a way to live happily and peacefully irrespective of what the life situation is, right?

You may wonder, what does it have to do with marketing.

As you might have seen, consumers are being more mindful towards shopping.

People want their needs to be understood and would be willing to connect with a brand that understands their situation and is ready to offer solution. To convince such audience, you need mindful marketing.

Email marketing is one way to express how much you care about them.

Yes! Email marketing is an ideal approach to be empathetic with your target audiences.

You need to keep an email list built with the correct email addresses of your prospects. If you do not know how to find someone’s email address, here is a tip for you.


How to find someone’s email address?

You can use email search tools such as GetEmail.io to locate the correct email address of anyone on this planet.

This tool is based on the artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm. You need to enter the first name, last name and company domain name of the prospects.

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The tool will process the information and locate the correct email format within a few seconds. This comes with a free version too.

So, you don’t have to invest money on it right away. Apart from this, the tool is available as extension to find email addresses from LinkedIn and Gmail applications.

I hope you find this insightful.


Now what is this mindful marketing?


Mindful marketing – An intro

Well, it is all about creating a marketing strategy that is more aligned with the potential clients and way more authentic.

It involves a customer-centric approach which considers the buyers’ and sellers’ interest and thrives on creating a win-win strategy avoiding any selfish, unethical marketing practices.

We now live in a busy world that evokes this internal desire to stay balanced. People want to be listened to before being sold with something that is least helpful to them.

Mindful marketing is an ideal solution for this.


Why is it important?

Mindful marketing has the ability to address climate emergency, gender inequality. It helps organizations to redefine customer relationship.

With lots of trust issues going on, mindful marketing approach helps to overcome this and develop a positive relationship between the customers and businesses.

You need to nurture your prospects from board room to shop floor.

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Digital ecosystem

Mindful marketing is an opportunity to build a better world where business and consumers work together past the balance sheet.

With this you are able to build a system where customer experiences are good.

You need to make sure that your strategy, automation, everything is in a way that it sounds like human.


Concluding thoughts

As a marketer or business owner, you need to address your client issues in a very meaningful manner.

With mindful marketing, you can be aware of all that’s happening in the campaign. And you can be very thoughtful in offering solutions to your customers and potential audience.



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