LTL Ports

It may sound unlikely. But one of the most popular forms of road transport in the UK. Is LTL (land based haulage) transport. In fact, it is so popular that you can now find many car hire services. That specialise in taking customers to and from LTL ports. These cars can be on many different types of roads. They are great for use on country roads and farm tracks. And also for use on coastal pathways. As well as using your own car, however. A road trip can be made even more special by hiring a van or minibus. To take you and your passengers to and from the chosen route. This makes a road trip ltl transport truly special. Allowing friends and families to make the journey together.

Road Transportation

Although many people will opt for this form of road transportation. It is not suitable for all types of goods. There are a number of special cases. Where a LTL carrier is still the best choice. Freight brokers in the UK also have very strong relationships. With certain load-bearing carriers. Making it easy to arrange transport of specific types of goods. Whereas regular LTL transports involve travel to a main departure point. And then subsequent unloading and loading at various local terminals. Before final delivery to the final destination. Load-to-ride carriers actually haul your LTL goods directly to the final destination.

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LTL Transport

This type of LTL transport means that your entire cargo area is in one vehicle. This saves a great deal of money both in terms of driving. Time and fuel consumption, as well as maximising the interior space available in the vehicle. As there is no need to unload the entire load on every trip. Waiting for the vehicle to appear at a terminal before leaving. The driver can spend more of their time dealing with other important. Aspects of the transport process. For example, they might need to contact the trucking company. If there are any problems along the way. On a typical trip, a driver could spend up to 40 hours driving. So this is not a problem, and there are far fewer hazards to consider.

ltl transport

LTL Truck Load

The downside is that LTL truck load transport does not guarantee the safety of the products being transported. Drivers need to exercise caution, not only during the journey but also when storing the cargo. Some products require special storage environments. And the trucker does not have a ready-made solution for doing this. Meaning they may have to store the goods at their own depot. Making sure that the environment meets standards. Set by the company transporting them. This can be very dangerous. As there is always a risk of damage to the goods. In addition, there are issues associate with the physical transportation of goods. Especially in the case of fragile or heavy items.

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Cargo Loads

Another problem associated with LTLs is that they are not highly-efficient, as the freight costs can add up, especially for small and medium sized cargo loads. This is not a huge problem for LTLs because they have a smaller loading ramp, although some do have several, so that they can move cargo more quickly. When you consider the cost savings involved, it becomes clear that the small cost of using dedicated transport services is worth it. LTLs can provide a highly efficient transportation solution, but if logistics are not closely monitored, there may be many areas where the cost of transportation exceeds the value of the cargo itself.

Shipping Companies

If there are issues involving the transportation of the goods, then the issue will need to be handled by the freight broker or shipping agent who arranged the transportation service. However, if there is a breakdown, the shipper is responsible to handle it, whether or not they have worked with the shipping company. For example, if there is a mechanical breakdown on board a ship, the ship’s captain must take action, and contact the shipper before the ship is towed out of the port. They are likely to charge the shipper for any tow assistance, as well as any extra fees due at the port. A good broker or shipping agent will make sure that there is a full and fair assessment of the situation and give the shipper a choice of how to pay for the tow services.

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ltl transport

Shipping Situations

The biggest issue with LTLs is that they are often used in overseas shipping situations, because there is no way for the shipper to ascertain what the shipment will actually be carrying. For instance, if the shipment contains perishable goods, the shipment must be declared to customs and then inspected to make sure the goods are safe. A less-than-truckload shipment, even one as small as one ton, must undergo all of these steps, so that it can be shipped to its destination.


With a short lead time, and shorter than traditional shipping methods, LTLs can provide a great service, but they require a great deal of care and attention from the shipper. If the shipment is going to be larger than ten or fifteen tons, or if there are special considerations, full truckload shipments can take longer than usual. This is why it is so important to contact a reputable shipping company to ensure your shipment partial truckload makes it all the way.


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