The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has announced 25271 vacancies for the General Duty Constable position in the Indian Armed Forces under the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). Those candidates interested in applying can learn more about this position, including the SSC GD Constable salary, perks and benefits, job profile, roles and responsibilities, and career growth.

SSC GD Constable Salary

The pay scale for General Duty Constables under various posts in the Indian Armed Forces, Ministry of Home Affairs, lies between Rs. 21,700 and Rs. 69,100. Besides basic pay, General Duty Constables also get house rent, transport, and dearness allowances. The gross salary is determined after adding all the allowances to the basic income and making the deductions.

SSC GD Constable Salary Structure

General Duty Constables recruited under the SSC get an annual pay ranging between Rs. 3,00,000 and Rs. 6,00,000. Also, while the basic pay ranges between Rs. 21,700 and Rs. 69,100, GD Constables get a transport allowance of Rs. 1,224, a Dearness Allowance of Rs. 434, and House Rent Allowance of Rs. 2,538, taking the total pay to Rs. 25,896.

The total pay is also subject to deductions, including pension contribution, CGHS, CGEGIS, amounting to 2,369. So, the net salary of a General Duty Constable is Rs. 23,527.

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Besides salary, a General Duty Constable is also entitled to various other perks and benefits, including transport, food, field, and security allowances, medical reimbursements, pension, and annual paid leaves.

SSC GD Constable Job Profile

The 25,000-odd vacancies for the General Duty Constable position are further subdivided into various categories, depending on their posting. These include:

  • Border Security Force (BSF)
  • Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)
  • Tibetan Border Police Force (TBPF)
  • Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB)
  • Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)
  • Assam Rifles (AR)
  • Secretariat Security Force (SSF)
  • National Investigation Agency (NIA)

General Duty constables generally start their careers as coast guards or escorts. They take charge of the duties and responsibilities of Sub-Inspectors and Assistant Sub-Inspectors in their absence. Some General Duty Constables may also be called for an investigation of crime scenes. Still, most of them work under SHO’s, following their guidance and instructions.

Border Security Force

A General Duty Constable in the Border Security Force (BSF) must protect the Indo-Pakistan and Indo-Bangladesh borders, including preventing border-related crimes, such as smuggling and other activities.

Central Industrial Reserve Force

General Duty constables working for the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) have various responsibilities, including offering security to PSUs and other such organizations, protecting the different Government infrastructure projects, and offering protection to Government officials.

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Sa Shastra Seema Bal

GD constables working in the SSB are responsible for overseeing and preventing cross-border crimes and other illegal activities and protecting the Indo-Nepal, and Indo-Bhutan borders.

Central Reserve Police Force

GD Constables in the CRPF may hold responsibilities such as overseeing the country’s internal security, acting as a peacekeeping force outside India, including the UN, and protecting candidates contesting for elections.

Secretariat Security Force

The Secretariat Security Force (SSF) helps protect the Secretariat by posting guards outside their houses.

Assam Rifles

General Duty Constables in the Assam Rifles may be responsible for providing internal security with the help of the army by conducting various border security operations. Besides this, they also aid civilians by offering them medical assistance and education, especially in remote areas. Also, GD Constables in the Assam Rifles work as a combat force to secure different locations during a war.

SSC GD Constable Career Growth

While General Duty Constables begin their careers as coast guards, they have much scope for growth. As they move up the career ladder, most General Duty Constables become Senior Constables, Head Constables, Assistant Sub-Inspectors, and Inspectors. The promotion of a General Duty constable depends on various factors, including their performance and how long they have served in their respective departments.

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Also, when a General Duty Constable is promoted to a Senior Constable, they may need to oversee the duties of a police station. The salaries or pay scales also increase as General Duty Constables get promoted to higher positions.

Final Thoughts

So, now that you know the roles and responsibilities of a General Duty Constable and the salaries and career scopes, you can start preparing for the SSC GD exam. For this, you can visit BYJU’s Exam Prep to find the resources you will need. Also, to ace this exam, you will need to prepare rigorously by going through books and other study materials. Besides this, you must also solve as many previous year question papers as possible by timing yourself. You can also mock tests to get up to speed on the concepts.



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