Betta fish are known for their beauty and elegance. They can be a great addition to an aquarium that already has other fish, or they can be the star of the show in their tank. Either way, if you buy betta fish online, it is important to think about what kind of water you will need for your Betta fish. There are many types out there, and each one will have its pros and cons. In this blog post, we discuss.


Tap Water vs Filtered Water


Tap water is the most common type of water that people use for their Betta fish. It can be taken from your sink or shower and then put into a clean bowl, bucket, or tank by using something like an aquarium gravel vacuum cleaner to remove debris. Tap water should always be treated with a dechlorinator before it is given to your fish to help protect them against things such as chlorine and chloramine. Also, make sure you do not add any soap products when filling up the container because they will kill off some helpful bacteria living inside of it. Otherwise, tap water is usually fine.


Using an aquarium filter that converts tap into filtered water can be very helpful if there are other Betta fishes living with yours. This way, their tank mates do not have to share the same chemicals and toxins as they would normally when using regular tap water straight out of the sink/shower faucet. The most important thing about this kind of filtration system is making sure all components work properly so nothing gets through (i.e., activated carbon, biological media), which can carry disease, metals, and toxins. Also, make sure to change the filters regularly (especially if living with other fish) because they will trap debris, leading to water quality issues like cloudy water or even algae growth.

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Saltwater vs Freshwater


Saltwater tanks are all the rage these days, and some people think they can just put their Betta fish in one of those. This is not true! If you want to use a saltwater tank as your Betta’s home, then it will require special equipment such as heaters, UV sterilizers, and more which we do not recommend for beginners. It is best to keep things simple with freshwater because Bettas come naturally from that environment. There are many ways to maintain optimal water conditions within this aquarium, even on a budget (e.g., filter systems ).


How much change in water should I do?


This is a question that we get asked quite often, and the answer depends on which kind of water you are using and how many Betta fishes you have. If changing from tap to filtered, it should be done at least once per week (and sometimes more depending on your situation). For freshwater tanks where only one fish lives inside, change 25-50% each week as long as there has been no sign of disease or illness.


Check with the manufacturer for specific recommendations for saltwater tanks because they can vary greatly based on tank size, the number of fish living in them, etc. Also, keep in mind that Bettas like warmer waters, so if yours likes this too but does not come naturally from such an environment, you may want to invest in a heater for your aquarium.

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There are many types of water that you can use when caring for Betta fishes. Tap is the most common type and should be treated before adding it to an aquarium, while filtered water from another source that already has been treated by a filtration system will work too if living with others. And lastly, saltwater tanks should only be used under special circumstances because they require more advanced equipment.



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