Tally ERP 9 is well-known accounting software and it has been used by many organizations. It helps you manage your business more effectively by providing a single information source. But there are also drawbacks totally software that you should know about before choosing it as your accounting solution.


Tally is a desktop application that was built 20 years ago. As we all know, Tally is one of the most popular accounting software for small businesses. While it has some notable upsides, it also has its share of shortfalls that make most business owners think twice before starting to use Tally. Over the years, there are many limitations and disadvantages that make it hard for businesses to use Tally. Payboy Singapore has the best accounting software which you should definitely consider for you small businesses.


Reasons to look for a tally alternative

Here are some notable Tally disadvantages that make many small businesses go for a tally alternative. And this article highlights some of the key points that make companies look for a tally alternative. Let’s discuss them one by one:


Less Effective Upgrades

The biggest setback faced by Tally ERP 9 is its accounting upgrade which is less effective in comparison to other competitors like mybooks. This is the most significant drawback of Tally software that keeps it behind its peers. As this is one of the huge drawbacks of Tally software, lots of small-scale businesses and medium-level businesses feels hard to use this software.

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Complexity on Multi-Branching

Multi-branching is one of the lengthy processes in Tally ERP 9, which cannot be done without the help of an accountant. It requires a lot of time to get information from different sources and to put them in a single module. This makes it difficult for the average size business where there are many employees who work in various departments and interact with customers from across the globe. 


Loss of Data

Using Tally ERP 9, sometimes result in data loss, when you are going for offline accounting. The reason is that the auto-backup option of Tally ERP 9 creates a copy of all your financial data on a daily basis. This daily backup is stored on the pen drive, in the My Documents folder, or on the hard drive of your PC or laptop. So if, by mistake or due to any other reason like accidental unplugging of the USB drive, power failure, etc., it could potentially lead to a data loss situation


A tally is a single-window software

With Tally accounting software you cannot work with more than one ledger at a time. For example, if the business is running with two cash registers, one of them has to be zeroed out before opening another register. This means that there is a limit on how many transactions can be done at a given time

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Lack of Effective Invoicing Templates

Tally accounting software lacks effective invoicing templates and hence, this is the reason why some companies go for a tally alternative.


One of the most important aspects of every business, including small businesses, is invoicing. If a business does not have accounting software that is suited for its needs, then doing everyday tasks such as creating invoices or paying employees can become challenging and time-consuming. This can especially be challenging for smaller firms where employees have many duties and don’t have time to learn complex software or do spreadsheet updates.


Best Tally Alternative for your business

If you are a small to mid-size business owner and looking for suitable tally alternatives, try mybooks. mybooks is a simple accounting software to manage your business easily and effectively. It offers a cloud-based solution with all the necessary tools to manage your data, payments, and taxes. It uses a simple and intuitive interface to assist you with your books, from invoicing to account reconciliation. mybooks can be accessed on a computer or mobile device, so you can manage your books from anywhere.


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