Why Does Your Business Need Cloud VPN?

The world is moving towards a cloud-based working environment all across the globe. If you have shifted to a cloud-based network, you need a cloud-based VPN to protect your data against unwanted threats. Almost 44% of UK internet users have used a VPN at some point and 52% of VPN users reported using an iOS device to protect their data against cybersecurity threats.

How Does A Cloud-Based VPN Boost Your Business?

A cloud-based VPN has many benefits. It creates a wide scope of work for all types of businesses. Here are a few ways in which a cloud-based VPN boosts your business:

Secure Remote Access

With most people working from their homes, it is imperative to create secure remote access for remote workers. Remote workers use all types of devices and may also use public Wifi while working. It is challenging to keep track of all the activities on multiple networks. That is why a cloud-based VPN is preferred to keep all data transfers secure. The remote workers are given user names and IP addresses which they can use to get access to the company’s resources after authentication.

Authenticated Access

Cloud VPN makes sure that every user gets authenticated access to the company’s resources. Most employees don’t have enough access to complete their work. VPN ensures that each person receives privileged access through a unique identification system. Each user is given special permission through specialized user names or IP addresses.

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Optimize Search Rankings

If you work in the field of SEO or want to rank your advertisements in other countries, you can use a cloud-based VPN. Your regular search engine runs on the guidelines of your country of origin. You can hide your location by using a cloud-based VPN and surf through the web as if you are browsing in another country. It will help you optimize search results on an international scale.

Get Unrestricted Access

Most countries have security restrictions on social media websites such as Facebook, Tik Tok, and even WhatsApp. You can use a VPN to access these sites and use them. Almost 60 countries around the world restrict access to various websites including the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, and Brazil. If your business expands to these countries, you can access your favorite social media apps and VoIP calling apps such as Skype and Viber.

In-depth Quality Assurance Across Various Thresholds

Quality assurance is the process of checking whether a website works properly at different locations or not. That is where a cloud-based VPN comes in handy. It lets you overcome IP restrictions at multiple locations, regions, and countries so you can check the validity of your product across these thresholds.

Implementing Geo-Targeting

When your customers are spread throughout the world, you need to provide a localized experience for them. A cloud-based VPN allows you to send content and advertisements to multiple users at different geographical locations. Once you get access to the geographical location of your customers, you can customize your advertising campaign by using their native language text, images, currency, and offer services while assessing their cultural background.

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Get Access While Travelling

The best thing about a cloud-based VPN is that you can get access to your company’s resources no matter where you are. All you have to do is use the IP address provided by your company and work while traveling. It improves the overall convenience for employees who have to travel constantly for meetings and projects regularly. A VPN saves your time, hides your identity, and lets you work without hindrance.

How To Increase Revenues Using Cloud-Based VPN?

A cloud-based VPN does more than hide your identity. You can increase your revenues by strategically using VPN.  Here is how a VPN can increase your revenues in a short span.

Protection Against Online Fraud

A cloud-based VPN hides your online presence by providing you with a different IP address. Hackers cannot identify your IP address online as your identity is hidden. According to UK Data Breach Statistics, one in every 3,722 emails in the UK is a phishing attempt.  Each small business is hacked successfully every 19 seconds and there are 65,000 attempts to hack SMEs every day. It is, therefore, necessary to protect yourself online by using a cloud-based VPN.

Overcome Online Price Discrimination

Online price discrimination can ruin your business. Many international enterprises charge companies based on their geographical location. You can overcome this hurdle by using a cloud-based VPN. The prospective vendor won’t be able to identify your location or country of origin and you can get a fair price for your business.

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Financially Accessible

A cloud-based VPN is a pragmatic choice when you are opting for a cybersecurity program. Most cybersecurity packages have unrealistically high prices. A VPN will only cost you less than £10 a month. The SMB (Small minus big)  factor indicates that you can get larger revenues by simply getting a VPN which provides you with military-grade data encryption, secure authentication, and secure access to web apps and services.

Get Access To Unlimited Data

You can stay ahead of your competition by scraping data through your competitor’s websites by using a cloud-based VPN. If you try to scrape data using a regular Ip address, the website will block it after one or two attempts. Data scraping using a VPN helps you get access to structured data which can be used to track sales, plan advertising strategies and create flawless marketing plans. It is one of the most efficient methods of data collection and keeps you on top of the changing trends as you work your way up the corporate ladder.


A cloud-based VPN protects your identity on a wide range of networks. As a business owner, you don’t have to worry about placing multiple security systems in place if you have a VPN. It restricts access to unauthorized users and third-party infiltrators.  With affordable prices, easy access and strengthened cyber security a cloud-based VPN is one of the leading security solutions for businesses throughout the world.

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