The industry has been in a state of upheaval for some time now. The rise of mobile gaming has led to many studios closing their doors and the loss of thousands of jobs.


It’s no surprise then that so many people have turned away from traditional consoles, but there is still hope on the horizon. Sim City & games like cities skylines are leading the way in showing what the industry can be if it follows a new path.


The games industry has become obsessed with making games for “gamers,” and this obsession has led to a lot of bad decisions. Games have become more difficult, more expensive, and more complex. Games like SimCity have stopped being about fun and started being about work.


Gamers are the reason the games industry exists, but they’re also the people who get screwed the most by this business model. Gamers are supposed to be the customers, but they’re treated like they’re just another cog in the machine. They’re treated like they don’t matter at all.


The recent announcement of Cities Skylines’ expansion Beyond Borders is a testament to this fact. It shows that studios can keep making amazing games without relying on the old models of development and marketing that have been used for years by big studios.


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Reasons Why the Industry Needs More Games like SimCity and Cities Skylines


The video game industry is a notoriously risky one. Many games that seem like sure bets turn out to be duds, while others that seem like they might be terrible blossom into hits.


But there’s one thing that we can all agree on: The industry needs more games like simcity and Cities: Skylines.


Here are five reasons why the industry needs more games like SimCity and Cities: Skylines:


1. They’re made by developers who truly respect their customers


2. They give players what they want without any other interference


3. They let you make your fun rather than forcing you to play by someone else’s rules


4. They make money for their developers without resorting to microtransactions or pay-to-win mechanics


5. They’re just really fun


SimCity and Cities Skylines, which are even better?


We all know that SimCity and Cities Skylines are the greatest city-building games ever made.


But what if we were to tell you that there are games like SimCity and Cities Skylines, which are even better?


The gaming industry is a competitive one. The average game developer has to work hard to make the games they want to make, and the average gamer has to work hard to find the games that speak to them.


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But there’s one thing that’s missing from this equation: A great game.


The gaming industry is full of games that are good enough for most people — but not for everyone. And that’s a problem.


Why? Because when you play a game like Sim City or Cities Skylines, it’s not just about being entertained by something fun and engaging; it’s about being inspired by the potential of what gaming can be. It’s about seeing what could be possible if developers had more freedom — if they could do more with their ideas.


I’m not saying that games like Sim City are perfect; they’re not. But they’re still an example of how much better things can be if we get rid of all these restrictions on creativity and experimentation in our industry.


The Sim City and Cities Skylines franchises are two of the most popular city-building games on PC. Both were created by Maxis, but the publisher Electronic Arts acquired them as part of a larger buyout in 2009. The developer has since shifted its focus away from single-player titles like these, putting resources into mobile games and multiplayer experiences instead.


The result is that SimCity and Cities Skylines don’t get the attention they deserve. They’re great games — the industry deserves them.


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SimCity and Cities Skylines are two of the most popular city-building games on Steam. But they’re not just good, they’re great. They hold up to repeated play, they have a huge fan base, and they’re constantly being updated with new features and content.


But why are these two games so good? Why do people keep coming back to them over and over again?


Why Are Sim City & Cities Skylines Great Games?


SimCity and Cities Skylines weren’t the first city-building games, but they’re the ones that changed everything. They’re also the ones that brought us here, to a point where it’s possible to buy a game about a city on Amazon and have it arrive at your home in just two days.


The reason that happened is SimCity and Cities Skylines are great games. They’re fun, they’re accessible and they’re often beautiful. But more than any of that, they represent what the industry deserves: a place where anyone can make an idea come to life.


If you’ve been following along with this blog series (or if you’ve been keeping up with my articles), then you know how important I think it is for everyone to have access to tools that allow them to express their creativity in ways that weren’t possible before. And I think Sim City and Cities Skylines have done exactly that for millions of people around the world — people who would never have had access to these tools otherwise.


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The idea behind these games is simple: You start with nothing but an empty field and some very basic tools (roads). Then you use those tools to build up your city into something special — maybe by providing infrastructure for people or laying down parks or




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