If you are looking for solutions for how to recover shortcut files in desktop, you have landed on the right page. These four methods are enough to recover any kind of shortcut files from a USB, laptop, or desktop.

  • Run Antivirus
  • Execute Command Prompt parameters
  • Direct Shortcut Recovery Solution (For all Shortcut files)

It is known, that the root cause of shortcut files is a virus or Trojan that is meant to make files inaccessible by converting them into shortcuts. So, you can download an antivirus program and run an anti-virus scan on the shortcut files to kill the virus. This is the best way to convert a shortcut file to the original file on your desktop. If you are still not able to access your data, you can try professional third-party programs.

User Query #1
“Help me to recover my backup files. When I tried to open them yesterday. I was shocked that my data had turned into a shortcut. I have already saved the backup file with the same name, but the used space appears as 0 bytes. I know the file is still there, but I don’t know how to remove shortcut files without compromising the file’s quality. Can anyone suggest to me the best way to solve these problems?”

User Query #2

Do not worry. This is a common problematic scenario. It happened to most of the users. Let me show you a solution to how to recover shortcut files in desktop. Firstly try the CMD commands. If you find this method complicated then you can try direct data recovery to recover shortcut files. We’ll guide you to demonstrate the entire stepwise recovery process. All you need to do is follow these steps and convert the shortcut file to original file on Windows 10.

Solution #1. Use Anti-Virus Software to Remove Viruses and Worms

This is one of the best techniques for removing shortcut viruses and worms from system drives, pen drives, and external hard drives. Follow below mentioned steps to recover shortcut files on desktop.

  • First, find a reliable antivirus program and install it on your local computer.
  • The antivirus program now starts the scanning process, which scans your entire desktop.
  • After that, your antivirus will show you a list of malware, you just need to remove it.
  • Finally, the shortcut file is completely removed from the local computer.

Note: Make sure to only choose reliable antivirus software to recover shortcut files from an external hard drive or pen drive. Because sometimes it ends up distorted or unreadable file format.

Solution #2. Recover Files from Shortcut Virus Using CMD prompt

  1. Do by pressing the Win + R key.
  2. Type CMD to enter Command Prompt
  3. Click on Command Prompt and choose the “Run as Administrator” option to launch it. CMD prompt will open.How to Recover shortcut files in desktop
  4. Enter the letter for the system drive. For example – X: and press Enter.
  5. Type the Attrib -h -r -s / s / d f: *. *, hit Enter key and wait till the process completes.
  6. Now check your system drive and the files will be recovered or not. Recover shortcut files in desktop
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If CMD commands not your cup of tea, then try using a Straightforward data recovery solution, that can recover any kind of shortcut files.

Solution #3. Reliable Solution to Recover Shortcut Files and Convert Them to Original Files

If you are looking for a reliable solution to convert Shortcut files and folders into regular files and folders. Then try the professional hard drive data recovery software suggested by our experts. It will recover data from the shortcut file and present the original file. Apart from this, the recovery tool can recover permanently deleted, formatted, and corrupted data from any storage device.

Steps to Recover Shortcut Files and Convert Them to Original Files

Just follow 4 simple steps.

  • Download and install Hard Disk File Recovery Tool on any of Windows systems.
    (Note – Avoid download and install on the affected system drive) how to retrieve shortcut files in desktop
  • Start the program and select the partition where the files have been converted to shortcuts.
  • Press the Scan button and wait for the scanning process to complete at 100%.
  • recover shortcut files in desktop
  • Complete preview panel will showcase all the attributes. Save all recovered files
  • how to recover shortcut files in desktop

No matter which virus invaded your desktop, you can easily recover shortcut files using this software. This is how to fix folders turned into shortcuts without any data loss.

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To learn how to recover shortcut files in desktop, we provided the three best solutions. If CMD commands appear complicated or anti-virus fails to visible the files. Then undoubtedly you can move to the direct recovery method without any hesitation. It will recover files in their original format. Avoid overwriting of data at any cost.

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