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Did you know about 167,000 people were working as writers in the U.S. in 2019?

You might be interested in writing jobs but aren’t sure if you’re a good writer. This guide will discuss some signs that prove you’re a good writer. Keep reading to learn what they are.

1. You Read Often

Good writers are almost always good readers. When you read often, you’re learning the writing techniques of established writers. Reading other authors helps you discover a good writing voice and style.

Reading allows you to tell the good writing from the bad. So if you’re an avid reader, chances are you’re also a great writer.

2. You Have a Lot of Curiosity

Good writers are also curious people. If you spend your free time observing the world around you, creating stories about the simplest things you see, this means you’re a great writer.

If you often spend time looking for stories within your life experiences, this is another sign of a great writer. The best writing comes from personal experience.

3. You Have Grammar Skills 

A good writer should also have good grammar skills. Your writing won’t speak to anyone if people struggle to understand what you’ve written.

Understanding the rules of grammar and using them without giving them much thought is a clear sign of your skills as a smart writer. If people come to you to help them with checking grammar on their essays, you can be confident that you have the grammar and the writing skills.

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4. You’re Always Looking to Improve 

Only a mediocre writer won’t see a need for improvement. If you’re truly a good writer, you’re constantly looking for ways to make a piece of writing better. Developing good editing skills is another indicator of good writing.

You might wait until an idea comes to you because you don’t want to do any bad writing. Or you might be the person that writes every day and then takes the time to edit down your writing, asking advice from other established writers.

5. You’ve Developed Your Own Style 

A good writer has also developed their own style and voice. This is what makes your writing unique and worth reading, what sets it apart from other writing on the same topic.

When someone can tell a piece of writing is yours without reading the author’s byline, this is when you know you’re a great writer.

If you can relate to all this signs of good writing, you might consider a career in freelance writing. What’s a freelance writer?

A freelance writer writes for different clients and gets compensated differently for each piece they produce.

These Signs Indicate You’re a Good Writer

Are you unsure of being a good writer? If you have good grammar skills and a unique writing style, you should be confident you have great writing skills.

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