As a doctor, you know how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy weight. A lot of times the hours that we work are long and erratic and make it hard to keep up with your diet.

We’ve put together this list of adjustable standing desk to help doctors find the perfect desk so they can eat better, feel better, and still excel at medicine!


Here are 9 reasons why doctors love adjustable standing desks:


1) Standing Desks Encourage Better Health: A study published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association found that people who stand while they work have lower blood pressure levels than those who only sit on an office chair. This is because standing forces your heart rate to increase, which burns more calories and helps boost heart health. Also, standing burns more calories than sitting and has been linked to weight loss. What’s more, standing helps your body fight off diabetes and protects against arthritis. It’s a better way to relieve stress, cuts the risk of strokes by a quarter, and improves your posture better than sitting at a traditional desk.


2) Standing Desks Benefit Your Eyes: Another study from the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association found that workers who stand for more than 3 hours per day have a lower risk of macular degeneration (a leading cause of blindness) than those who sit for more than 3 hours per day. This is because standing during your workday is a good way to help prevent this eye disease.

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3) Standing Desks Cut Health Care Costs: The United States spends $190 million on obesity-related health care costs each year. Standing desks reduce your risk of obesity and the health issues that come with it, so these desks can save doctors a lot of money in the long run.


4) Standing Desks Promote Better Mental Health Among Doctors: A study by researchers at Harvard University found that people who work while standing show fewer signs of depression than those who work while sitting. Also, according to a report in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, working while standing reduces anxiety and improves job performance overall.


5) Standing Desks Make Doctors Healthier: Doctors who wanted to improve their health were more successful when they stood at their desks instead of sitting as a study in the Journal of Clinical Hypertension found. Standing helped them cut calories, lose weight, and lower blood pressure levels.


6) Presentation Skills Improve: A 2005 study in the International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics found that the standing posture allows people to speak more clearly and coherently than those who sit. It also increases confidence, which helps people boost their presentation skills on the job.


7) Standing Desks Boost Creativity: According to a study in the Industrial and Organisational Psychology Journal, standing encourages more creative thinking because it increases blood flow to the brain, which boosts mental clarity. Also, standing reduces the effects of chronic back pain, according to a report in the Journal of Clinical Nursing, which can prompt greater creativity.

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8) Standing Desks Cut Stress: In a report in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, standing improves mental health by reducing stress and fatigue. It also helps you focus on things more clearly and allows you to deal with more than one crisis at once. This is why standing desks can help doctors cope with the stress of long hours, irregular hours, and a crazy work environment.


9) Standing Desks Ease Pain and Fatigue: Your back and legs take a lot of abuse while you’re sitting at a desk all day. Standing desks reduce this pain and fatigue by giving your body an opportunity to move more frequently. The more you move, the less strain there is on your back, joints, and muscles. If you work for long hours in front of a computer screen, having an adjustable standing desk set at the right height can prevent injury and pain from prolonged sitting.



It’s difficult at times to maintain a healthy weight, but standing desks can help. Standing for long hours is one of the few things that will work for you in your day-to-day life and can help you manage your weight. If you have an adjustable standing desk it’s no longer just about getting from point A to point B during the day as it is about staying productive and active.

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