You must have heard from a stereotypical society that art is not a subject for genius students. Only those who cannot be successful in life choose this subject. In short, this stream is last on everyone’s wishlist and comes only after science and commerce. But trust my words, even with an arts background, you can achieve it, though undoubtedly it is as difficult as science and commerce. The competition ranges worldwide, and if you love the subject, go for it. Here we mention a few degree options that you can go for if you are from an Arts background.

Career Options in Arts Background

BA – bachelor in arts is the first preference for students from an arts background. You can choose either history, geography, or political science as your subject, and the students of arts usually crack maximum civil services or state service or any other government jobs. Every year, the topper from UPSC, BPSC, and MPSC majorly belong from an arts background.


Hotel Management – you can give the entrance paper to the hotel management if you love food and traveling. It is one of the easiest courses with vast career opportunities if you are passionate about it. The course duration varies from 3 to 4 years, depending upon the college curriculum & rules.

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LLB – for art students, it is among the best career option. One needs to pass an entrance exam to get admission into a good college. This degree places students in the IIT sector as lawmakers or lawyers. You can practice as a lawyer in the state court or apply to work in the high court and the supreme court. It is an integrated course for 5 years.


Journalism and mass communication – Many students go for mass communication and journalism. Its demands and popularity are growing each day. They provide approximately a 5 lakh package that isn’t restricted to any region and is spread worldwide. You can surely apply for this degree if you love cameras and are outspoken like many other TV anchors. Even in mass communication, there are various fields, including direction, actors, and filmmakers, and many franchises and colleges have courses. They make you work under various directors to learn and explore.


BBA – usually, the bachelor of business administration is for commerce students. Still, surely arts students can also go for this course and get basic corporate ideas, and after completing the jobs, you can bag jobs in various organizations.

Graphic designing and animation – many of us love animated movies. So if designing and animation attract you, go for it, try your hand at this degree. It is approx a four-year course, and you will surely get placed in graphic designing companies and motion companies.

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BFA – It is for students like Farhan; remember, in the movie three idiots, he loves photography and was passionate about it. If you are one like him, this degree is totally for you. You can be self-employed rather than going for jobs in other places.


Bed – If you enjoy teaching, Bed is the degree you can go for. The degree is for the students who live to teach and want to make a profession in the teaching line. You have to do a bachelor’s degree; after that, you only go for multiple job opportunities in the education sector.


Those, as mentioned earlier, are the few best degree you can apply for if you belongs to an arts background. However, there is no hard and fast rule in achieving success. You need to be content and give your best to get a good job. However, if you are preparing for the entrance exams, online classes will be the best option. They provide easy learning options with the help of tools like LMS & ERP ( LMS full form is a learning management system whereas ERP full form is enterprise resource planning)



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