If a woman has issues in conceiving naturally, it is possible that she or her male partner would have infertility issues. In such a situation, both the husband and wife should visit a fertility clinic and make an appointment with a specialist. This will help you to determine the exact cause for infertility and then the doctor can suggest the line of treatment accordingly.

For male-infertility issues, the doctors perform several tests to check the exact problem and the best resolution of the same. Here are what are done to check male fertility:

male fertility clinic
male fertility clinic

Physical Examination 

The first step for you is to visit the urologist who can do a physical check-up. From his/her evaluation, the specialist will be able to tell the issues that you are facing. During the physical check-up, the doctor will ask for details about your lifestyle and medical history.

The doctor may also ask questions related to your sex life or if you have faced any issues like sexually transmitted diseases, and more. You must provide correct information as only then the doctor will be able to draw a correct conclusion.

Semen Analysis 

After the physical examination, the doctor may recommend semen and sperm analysis. In this procedure, the semen sample is collected for analysis.

  • In the semen analysis, the sperm count is checked.
  • Moreover, the specialist also checks other characteristics of the sperm-such as shape, movement, etc.
  • If the first sperm test is normal the doctor will ask the person to go for one more round of tests. If this is also normal then there may not be any fertility issues in the man.
  • But if there is anything unusual in the test then a few other tests will be advised by the doctor.

The cost of a male fertility test in the best clinics is highly competitive and nothing is more important for you than getting effective treatment for your fertility issues.

cost of male fertility test
cost of male fertility test

Hormone Evaluation 

Sometimes, the doctor may ask the person to go for a hormone test at the fertility clinic. The pituitary gland, hypothalamus and testicles release hormones that are important for sperm production and sexual development in males. Abnormalities in the production of the hormones may result in certain problems. Therefore, the amount of testosterone and other hormones is checked in the hormone evaluation test.

Evaluation by Ultrasound

Sonography or Ultrasound is another effective method to find out male fertility issues. It slightly increases the complete cost of male fertility tests. In Scrotal ultrasound, issues like varicocele in testicles are checked. In Transrectal ultrasound, the doctor will check for any blockages in the tubes that carry the semen

Genetic Tests 

In some cases, the sperm concentration is low. This is an indication that there is an underlying genetic reason which has to be analysed. In the genetic tests, any changes in the Y chromosome which indicates genetic abnormality is checked. Congenital problems and genetic syndromes can also be analysed with this test.

cost of male fertility test
cost of male fertility test

Post Ejaculation Urine Analysis

During the ejaculation, the sperm has to travel out of the penis. But in some cases, the sperms may travel into the bladder. And this abnormality can be checked with Post Ejaculation Urine Analysis.

Testicular Biopsy to Check Fertility in Males

Testicular biopsy may be ordered by the doctor in the case of some patients to analyse the cause of infertility. In this test, a needle is used to remove a sample from the testicle. The biopsy of this sample is done to check if the sperm production is normal or not.

Special Tests to Check Sperm Function

In rare cases, the doctor at a male fertility clinic may recommend certain specialised tests to check the function of the sperm. These special tests are done to check the following aspects:

  • Survival of sperm post ejaculation
  • Penetration of sperm into the egg
  • If the sperm has any issues attaching to the egg


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One of the causes due to which the woman is not able to conceive can be male infertility. There are different tests performed by the specialists of the different clinics to check fertility issues in men. New, it’s upon you to choose the best male fertility clinic which has the required facilities to do these tests in the best possible way.


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