Home automation simplifies the way you use appliances and other household features on your residential property. Technology has changed the way you can operate things in your home! This includes the opening of panel lift garage doors, turning on the HVAC unit and using a baby monitor. It also allows you to live a stress-free lifestyle, turning your home into a sanctuary.


Whether you opt for smart technology or upgrade home features from manual to automatic, you’ll enjoy the convenience of automation. The advantages of going automatic are numerous, improving the security of your residential property, making it easier to operate cumbersome items, and saving you on costly energy bills. How can you automate your home features so you can get all the benefits?


5 Clever Ways to Automate Your Home Features for a Stress-Free Lifestyle


1. Automatic Garage Doors for Ease of Use

There’s nothing new about automatic garage doors but if you’re living on an older property, you may still be struggling with manually operated ones! If this is causing you undue effort, it’s time to upgrade by motorising your garage doors. Using garage door professionals will help you to convert your existing doors from manual to automatic.


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However, if your budget allows it, consider a new garage door installation which will also improve the appearance and value of your home. Automating your garage doors has many other benefits including:

  • Improving the security of your home
  • Letting you enter the building without first having to get out of your car
  • Saving you the hassles of physically opening and closing heavy doors


This is one home feature that should be automated so do yourself a favour and switch over from manual by installing motorised, bespoke garage doors.


2. Smart Lighting Solutions In and Outside of Your Property

Isn’t it time to start joining the rest of the world in saving energy costs with smart lighting solutions? Using automated systems to manage your home’s lighting will allow you to operate your lights whether you’re at home or not. You get to decide which rooms should be illuminated, day or night, from wherever you are.


Upgrading to light automation systems lets you control the level of brightness, changing the ambiance of a room at the touch of a button. You can operate your security lights from your smartphone or set exterior lighting to turn on and off in advance with a timer.


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Smart lighting solutions also save you from high energy bills as you can control how and when lighting should be switched on and off. This prevents lights being left to burn day and night unnecessarily.


3. Automating Heating and Cooling in the Home

Keeping your home comfortable in all seasons can be a costly nuisance! Cranky and ancient air conditioning units not only cause your monthly energy bills to shoot up, but they’re less efficient in keeping your home climate comfortable while being unsustainable at the same time. If you haven’t done so already, then it’s time to switch over to automated HVAC units.


Installing a smart HVAC lets you live in comfort while keeping track of energy usage and costs. Using smart technology, automated air conditioning systems allow you to control the heating and cooling of your home using your smartphone or control panel. Adjusting programmes and settings become a whole lot easier while saving energy at the same time.


4. Saving Water With Automated Lawn Irrigation

Many countries, including Australia, have experienced less rainfall in recent years. Water is becoming scarce, and homeowners need to be responsible when using this natural resource at home. Irrigating the lawn guzzles water, so finding sustainable ways to keep your turf green is vital. Enter automated lawn irrigation systems!

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Installing automated sprinkler systems will reduce the amount of water wastage while improving lawn coverage. Setting the time for when the sprinklers switch on and off saves you the stress of being at home whenever the lawn needs to be irrigated or worrying about wasting water. Smart irrigation systems can even detect when there’s been rain, disabling scheduling if the lawn is saturated enough!


5. Connecting Security Features to Your Smartphone

You can improve your home security features by automating them. Operating alarms, external lighting, entry gates and other security features from your smartphone gives you peace of mind all is safe whether you’re at home or not. The benefits of automated home security features are numerous and include:

  • Cameras: You can view what’s happening at home wherever you are without having to face the danger head-on!
  • Door locks: Through a WiFi or Bluetooth connection, you can lock and unlock doors without being at home.
  • Smoke alarms: Alerts can be sent to your phone should there be a fire at home.


Upgrading to automated home security features lets you relax knowing you can keep tabs on what’s happening at home when you’re not there.


Final Thoughts

Whether you choose to motorise your garage doors for extra convenience or fully automate your security features, both give you a stress-free lifestyle in the comfort of your home. Upgrading residential automation features is a clever way to turn your property into a sanctuary while also improving its resale value. A win-win solution that’s worth considering for every homeowner!

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